Why Hire Us?

We understand the need for your project. We understand environmental regulations.

Previous federal experience allows us to effectively collaborate and find the common ground to keep your project moving forward.With over 25 years expertise with the National Environmental Policy Act, we build integrity and trust frontloading the planning process and providing comprehensive results; serving as a confident liaison between our clients and  regulatory agencies.

Perform biological surveys to support National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) planning, habitat assessments or other regulatory planning for projects such as ski resort expansions or improvements, timber sales, land exchanges, or telecommunication sites. 

Develop Biological Assessments and Biological Evaluations to support special-use permits for road easements, subdivisions, oil and gas wells, natural gas pipelines, or utility lines.

Perform field surveys for wildlife and plants of special concern, threatened or endangered species.

Delineate wetlands and assist clients with Army Corp of Engineers permit processes.

Provide biological support for litigation.

Perform field analysis and prepare baseline reports for conservations easements.

Apply extensive knowledge of Federal and State environmental permitting processes such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Clean Water Act Section 404, Endangered Species Act, USDA Forest Service policy, and USDI Bureau of Land Management policy.  


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Specialized experience with:

- Canada lynx
- Sage grouse
- Pika
- Boreal toad
- Wyoming toad
- Wolverine
- Pygmy rabbit
- Raptors
- Reptiles
- Butterflies
- Pollinators
- Rare terrestrial plants 

Pertinent accomplishments regarding listed and sensitive species survey and evaluation 2012-1999, involving Canada lynx, Bald Eagle and others: 

6 – Biological Assessments and Evaluations for USDA-FS -Ski Area Expansions and improvements.
1 – Biological Assessments or Evaluations USDI-BLM Land Exchange, Little Snake FO, Craig, CO
15 – Biological Assessments and Evaluations for USDA-FS - Recreation and  Special Use Permits
6 – Biological Assessments and Evaluations USDA-FS - Timber Management Projects
4 – Biological Assessments or Evaluations USDA-FS and USDI-BLM - Livestock Grazing Permits